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    News travels fast. Reputation and media have a powerful cross-influential relationship, influencing and reflecting one another. But it can be difficult to determine what media content is changing hearts and minds, and what your reputation is resilient against.

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  • RepTrak Media Scores track the direct impact of the latest headlines and social media chatter on your reputation. In 70% of cases, Media Reputation Scores are a leading indicator to the directionality of the perception Reputation Scores in the following 1-3 months.

    RepTrak Media Solutions

    Without a tool like RepTrak, you can still implement media tracking and measurement tools. Although it won’t illustrate the direct impact on reputation, it will keep you up-to-date on what is being said about you.

  • To lead media conversations, you must be the master of your own communications. Develop a strong brand identity and communicate your efforts and victories.

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  • Media To Do List

    • Conduct regular reputation audits and efforts to be an organization worth writing positively about

    • Lead your reputation narrative by communicating efforts and victories

    • Prepare an action plan for addressing major media events as they arise

    • Develop organic media relationships - earned media outweighs paid

    • Employ media tracking tools to stay up-to-date

    • The Reptrak plattform monitors media mentions and tracks the direct impact oh the latest headlines and social media chatter