Kasper Ulf Nielsen is Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder, and Member of the Board of Directors at The RepTrak Company.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Kasper is responsible for designing and implementing the strategy for the company.

Kasper has played a leading role in the development of The RepTrak Company™ into a global leader in Reputation Intelligence. In 2005 Kasper opened the US office and lead the development of the US business until 2010, before taking on a variety of roles within product development, sales, and strategy. 

Over the years, Kasper has consulted companies from across 20+ industries in 30+ countries on how to measure and manage their reputation. As a reputation expert, Kasper was instrumental in designing the Global RepTrak® study, which is the largest study of corporate reputation in the world. Kasper has developed the Reputation Excellence Framework, which identifies the competencies needed to manage reputation. 

Kasper is a frequent commentator on reputation topics in the media and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, Bloomberg, as well as on local radio and TV around the world. 

Kasper is co-author of the book Introduction to Organizational Theory published in 1999.   He holds a MS in Intercultural Management from Copenhagen Business School with MBA credits from McGill University in Canada.