Measure ESG’s effect on your business with real-time perception data

RepTrak continuously measures perception-based ESG data enabling companies to measure how ESG efforts are received and perceived by the public. Leverage ESG data to understand and guide your company’s ESG narrative.

Perception-Based ESG has a strong impact on your corporate reputation and business outcomes

Intangibles such as ESG and reputation are much more critical to the valuation of businesses today:



correlation between ESG perception score and reputation

Purchase Intent


correlation between ESG perception score and purchase intent

Talent Acquisition


correlation between ESG perception score and talent acquisition



correlation between ESG perception score and investment

How RepTrak ESG Helps You

ESG is a part of the RepTrak for Communications, available as an integrated solution that provides a 360-view of the dynamic reputation landscape.

Improve your ESG standing by knowing exactly where you stand

  • ESG Insights: Assess how your company’s ESG efforts are perceived by the audiences you care about
  • Self-service: Access ESG insights 24/7 for a continuous view versus one snapshot in time
  • Baseline: Analyze your company’s performance across time and the stakeholders you care about
  • Benchmark: Use competitors and industry markers as points of reference
  • Business Outcomes: Link ESG to business KPIs and corporate reputation

Discover your ESG score today

RepTrak measures your company’s ESG perception score on a scale from 1 to 100 with 3 ESG drivers organized by machine learning.

Environmental impact

  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Protects the environment
  • Positive Influence

Social performance

  • Improves people's lives
  • Cares for its employees
  • Offers equal opportunities

Governance standards

  • Positive economic contribution
  • Ethical and fair business practices
  • Operations and supply chain transparency
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