RepTrak Packages

Core intelligence to activate your reputation against your closest peersEnriched intelligence for greater flexibility with analysis and competitor selectionTailored intelligence for maximum personalization
StakeholderInformed General Public (IGP)Informed General Public (IGP) or IGP SubsetInformed General Public (IGP) or IGP Subset
User Access51050
FrequencyContinuous measurement MonthlyContinuous measurement MonthlyContinuous measurement Monthly
Benchmarks246 (3 per stakeholder)
Additional questions-55
Enhanced sample*-
Action planning sessionsBiannualQuarterlyQuarterly
Executive workshops-12
Special Data Requests **-10 (Tier 1)10 (Tier 1) + 2 (Tier 2)
* Subject to feasibility.** To learn more about Special Data Requests and how to add additional requests to your plan, please contact your Account Manager.


Advanced Stakeholders Solution
RepTrak's Advanced Stakeholders Solution delivers timely reputation-driven insights about the key stakeholder groups you care most about; customers, employees, investors, communities, influencers, regulators, and any other stakeholder group you manage.
ESG Premium Analysis
Through a powerful, sophisticated, and comprehensive analysis of each area of ESG - explore your Environmental, Social, And Governance performance and how it relates to your business results, such as benefit of the doubt, trust, work for, or invest.
North Star Index
Compare your reputation metrics against the most reputable companies in the world, looking at top-ranked organizations indexes - or define your own group of companies to index against.
Advanced Driver Analysis
RepTrak's Advanced Driver Analysis proactively identifies specific challenges to your reputation, applying new, deeper insights into your communications strategy.

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RepTrak API

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RepTrak Platform

The RepTrak Platform is the only cloud-based reputation intelligence platform to provide leading-edge insights about your company’s corporate reputation. Key features include:

Reputation Profile

Media score and impact (English only)




Choose from a range of pricing package options to meet your business needs. Unlock insights from all the countries in which you operate and new markets of interest with deeper analysis and additional demographic cuts by boosting your base sample.

Immerse your team in one of our deep-dive discussions with RepTrak Experts on a mutually agreed-upon topic or spend additional time with your Client Services team for a strategy-focused discussions that help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about RepTrak for Communications.