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Reputation matters,

and can be measured.

RepTrak’s proprietary reputation, brand, ESG, and media impact tracking platform provides crucial insight into what your stakeholders think, feel, and say, so you can build a strong reputation (and Reputation Score)

Bridge the gap

Use the RepTrak algorithm to shape your company’s reputation, transforming perception and sentiment into data that is measurable and actionable.

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Trusted, worldwide.

Global brands consider RepTrak the gold standard for Reputation Inteligence, and rely on us to help assess how much people respect, admire, and trust them.

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ESG impacts purchase behavior, talent acquisition, trust & more

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. This measure of corporate ethicality informs our ESG Scores so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Cut through the noise

RepTrak’s over 20 years of tracking data, and more than one million reputation data points collected annually make it possible to know exactly what is impacting your reputation, and what isn’t.

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Human expertise & guidance

Human expertise & guidance
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Trusted insights

Trusted insights
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Media Intelligence

Media Intelligence

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