RepTrak’s real time perception data

Measure and improve your communications programs with RepTrak’s real time perception data

Strong businesses are built on perceptions

Exceptional companies cultivate an organization-wide skill to collect information on people’s perceptions about their business and leverage that information to keep the company on top, protected from challengers and resilient to damage or decline.

RepTrak measures people’s perceptions in real time, enabling company leadership to drive outcomes such as stock price, buying, investing, partnerships and more.

For every 1-point increase in a company’s RepTrak Score, market capitalization grows



Prove the money you’re spending on ESG and CSR is working

  • Raise awareness of business issues and drive corporate strategy.
  • Create effective communication strategies across multiple channels.
  • Measure perception of your company and track changes over time.
  • Anticipate societal, technological and regulatory trends.
RepTrak Platform

Beyond Ad Value equivalency: how the RepTrak Score helps communications leaders

RepTrak measures reputation data across seven drivers to give communication leaders a clear view into public perceptions about their companies. RepTrak then tracks changes in reputation in real time, providing insight into the effectiveness of communications, marketing, and public relations programs.

Start Measuring Your Company’s Reputation

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

From RepTrak Customers

“Reputation is not so much about a number. It’s more about us knowing we are not just doing things blindly to move reputation. We an do them strategically. It has helped us be more strategic in our communications.”

Director of Corporate Reputation and Community Relations

Global Appliance Manufacturer

"The RepTrak Company helped us build a very solid and trustworthy data-driven framework."

Director of Corporate Branding & Reputation

Global Healthcare

"We were impressed by the legitimacy of the methodology and the breadth of the backgrounds of the people who started the methodology."

Director of Communications Intelligence

Multinational Technology

"We see a direct link between reputation and an increase in revenue for our company... RepTrak provides clear direction and country-level visibility on what we need to work on and where."

Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Global Telecommunications

"The RepTrak Company gives us the opportunity to network with people who have the same challenges, and to see what ideas we can pick up on our journey."

Brand Director

Multinational Oil & Gas

"The RepTrak Company has helped us focus our communication and make it measurable"

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Multinational Airline

"The RepTrak Company gives me the ability to have actionable data to support decision-making."

Vice President, Reputation & Brand Strategy

Banking & Financial Services

JPMorgan Chase & Co