Reputation matters, and can be measured.

Measure your reputation, brand, and ESG performance and take the guesswork out of decision making.

With RepTrak, you know what your stakeholders think, feel, and say, so you can build a strong reputation using the insight and confidence of a Reputation Score

Bridge the gap.

Narrow the margin between perception and reality.

With the RepTrak algorithm, you have the power to shape your company’s reputation and transform perception and sentiment into data that is measurable and actionable.

Protect and recover from crisis 

Reputation is a valuable asset that takes years to build, but only moments to damage.

Know your risks 

CEOS and companies require a clear set of data to measure and manage stakeholder trust.

Grow your business & align your team 

Know exactly how and where to invest your time and resources, without the guesswork.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Global brands consider RepTrak the gold standard for Reputation Intelligence, and rely on us to help assess how much people respect, admire, and trust them.

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Reputation matters, now more than ever before.

RepTrak pioneered the platform to provide data where it didn’t exist before, and help your company on its journey through changing times.

Good business.
Better world.

Cut through the noise.

Where human expertise, technology, and machine-learning analytics converge.

Imagine definitively knowing your company’s reputation based on the opinion of the stakeholders that you care about. RepTrak’s 15 years of tracking data, and more than one million reputation data points a year make it possible to know what your stakeholders think, feel, and say.

Human expertise & guidance 

Combination of advanced data analytics and human expertise.

Trusted Insights   

Data-driven insights on Reputation, Brand, and ESG from the world’s largest database.

Community of peers  

Direct connection to a peer community to learn from and look forward.