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Blog Post02 Jun, 2022

The Summer of ESG is upon us, but at RepTrak, we like to serve hot and fresh data all year round. Before a main course of ESG is served to you on June 10, we wanted to stimulate your Reputation senses with some enticing 2022 ESG data that we just couldn’t wait to show you.

Before we quench that thirst for new data, let’s refresh on what ESG actually is.  

ESG Apps: We recommend ordering a variety  

ESG includes ample servings of “Environmental, Social, Governance.” Altogether, ESG measures an organization’s specific ethical efforts, valued by investors, consumers, and employees alike.

ESG Apps Variety

ESG isn’t just a summer flavor, it’s a new (but long-lasting) expectation for organizations to go beyond their business practices and acknowledge their broader impact and processes. Bottom line: ESG has your stakeholders buzzing, and they are hungry for more. 

Nutrition Fact

One nutritious bite, for example, might be the significant decline the Top 100 companies are currently experiencing in all three parts of ESG.

ESG App data

This has our JAWS DROPPING!

Our algorithms determined that ESG carries the largest weight (46% importance) in influencing a person’s desire to work for a company. It’s the most important metric considered among all our measured reputation elements.

ESG Data 2

If you haven’t tuned into the Great Resignation by now, our measurable data shows this isn’t just a headline. Even if employees don’t know exactly what defines ESG, they know they want to trust their employers to update and practice constantly evolving ethical standards. And, if you do have ESG standards in place, you must communicate them to the public as well as to your future hires. Putting out a yearly statement isn’t going to attract new talent. Remember that future employers are your current stakeholders, and they want to see you earn their trust as both a business and a potential employer. Our data is highlighting this visible shift in the Workplace Driver and the Work For Business Outcome.  

ESG App Data

"That’s not what we ordered..."

Outside of specific drivers and outcomes—plain and simple—ESG scores are down from 2021. RepTrak data shows that as workplaces turn their flexible COVID policies into long-term employee benefits, if employees didn’t get what ordered they’ll send it right back to the kitchen—resulting in low scores for your company. With ESG playing the most important part in garnering the best workplace talent, companies will need to address the disconnects to remain competitive on the job market.

Are you craving some more?

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Ready to take a bite?

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