Focus on Engagement to Address Generational Differences

Blog Post24 Mar, 2022

Big Idea

In Europe, as job vacancies increase, companies are prioritizing engagement and retention of their current workers. This commitment also comes as 77% of people ages 25 – 34 are reported to be unsatisfied in their roles and plan to change jobs in 2022. This cohort are searching for companies that align with their beliefs, spark creativity, and prioritize their well-being. Firms must innovate tactics to redesign the employee experience and entice prospective new talent. 

RepTrak Perspective

As European firms face a tight labor market, a workplace culture that is geared towards serving the different needs inherent in its diverse workforce will enhance Workplace perceptions. European individuals between 25 – 34 cite Workplace as one of the top three most influential Drivers for "Willingness to Work For," yet country-level nuances endure. 


Why is this important? 

Companies can no longer underestimate the impact of their workplace as it is contributing to increased uncertainty for employers in 2022.

  • In Q4 2021 across the United Kingdom, "Willingness to work for" was the second-to-last performing business outcome, behind "Invest," among 35% of advocates in the 25 – 34 set.

  • Comparatively, in Spain, "Willingness to work for" is top-ranking across business outcomes, among 41% of advocates between 25 and 34. 

Where can companies innovate their workplace to attract emerging talent?

European businesses must lean into the geographical and cultural differences that appeal to this generation.

  • In Denmark, individuals between 25 – 34 take note of employee care when considering a new position.

  • In France, employees 25 – 34 are driven to companies taking environmental and social action.

  • Companies in Spain and Italy must highlight their products and services strengths to appeal to this group, while over in the United Kingdom talent between 25 – 34 is attentive to transparent and ethical behavior.


Common Factors driving "Willingness to Work For" among individuals between 25 – 34.

  • "Rewards employees fairly" (a Workplace Factor) is in the top five most impactful Factors in Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

  • Denmark, Italy, and the UK have Innovation Factors, including "First to market" and "Is an innovative company," which appear in the top five most impactful Factors.

  • Italy and Spain are the only countries with Products Factors in its top five, both prioritizing "High-quality products/services" and "Stands behind its products."

Convo Starters

What steps have you taken to grab the attention of prospective talent amidst the "Big Quit"?

How has your workplace atmosphere evolved to allow personal growth for millennials and Gen Z employees? If not, where can you begin this process?

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