Introducing The RepTrak Company: Our Name May Have Changed, But Our Focus on Insight and Clients Has Not

Corporate Reputation05 Apr, 2020

By Kylie Wright-Ford, Chief Executive Officer, The RepTrak Company

We’re living in challenging times. Even before COVID-19 affected nearly every country and business on the planet, the business environment for global companies was marked by far greater complexity than it was just a few years ago. 

There has been a massive power shift in the way companies are judged.  The digitalization of our lives means that today, millions of individuals have their own megaphones to share their good experiences and their bad ones. As a result, influence across your stakeholders has been re-distributed, speed is instantaneous, and reach is infinite. 

And reputation—the degree to which your organization fulfills its promises—has never been more important.

As we’ve all learned this year, turns in fortune can be sudden and can blindside you. Time to impact is breathtakingly short. Companies need the ability to detect subtle changes in their reputation over time so they can respond quickly.  

For 23 years, we have been the market leader in providing this reputation intelligence. It has been our business to help companies like yours understand how the world sees you in good times and bad; to map the evolution of industries, competitors, and leadership across the global corporate landscape; and to help our clients reflect these important changes in their own business strategies.  

We intend to maintain this legacy. But like the world we live in, we’ve evolved, too. And we’ve learned that a new time and new challenges require a new mindset.

Today, I am delighted to introduce you to The RepTrak Company™, where our purpose is proving that doing and saying the right thing is good business. 

We’ve changed our name from Reputation Institute to The RepTrak Company to emphasize the fact that our RepTrak Platform remains at the heart of everything we do and an expanded definition of what it can measure—we are more than just reputation measurement. Understanding your brand, purpose, and industry contextualization are also key to helping protect your business value and improve company growth. We do this by answering two crucial questions: How does the world see your company, and what should you do about it?  

Our name may have changed, but our focus on providing the data, guidance, and community to help you unlock the power of having a good reputation has not. Neither has our commitment to client success.

In that spirit, while I’m so proud of where we’ve been as a company, and all we’ve been able to help our clients accomplish, I’m looking forward to this new chapter and all that is still to come. Like the aurora that has inspired our new logo, we look forward to serving as a true beacon for our clients—to light the way to a more meaningful future.

Kylie Wright-Ford Chief Executive Officer The RepTrak Company @kyliewf

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