Introducing Campaign Impact

Introducing RepTrak's Campaign Impact Tool

Platform Updates09 Nov, 2023

RepTrak’s latest monitoring tool shows you how your brand campaigns are impacting your corporate reputation.

Brand and reputation are not synonymous, but they are connected. Campaigns are the building blocks of your brand — something that is developed from the inside-out. That messaging you put out into the world will inevitably shape how stakeholders feel about you — informing your corporate reputation, which is developed from the outside-in.  

Managing your campaigns is a constant balancing act of meeting various consumer needs. And in today’s business world, you’ll need to understand the through-line from campaign to reputation to not only stay afloat but get ahead.  

Introducing Campaign Impact 

The RepTrak platform’s latest feature is designed to illuminate this critical connection — empowering you with nuanced metrics on exactly where and how campaigns influence your reputation. Updated monthly, this tool provides a suite of dynamic metrics that pinpoint campaign resonance across RepTrak’s reputational elements (such as ESG, Drivers, and Business Outcomes). This gives you an accurate reflection of your reputation's evolution as stakeholder sentiment ebbs and flows.   

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Real Relevance  

With Campaign Impact, you can elevate your campaigns’ narratives with a new ROI that goes beyond clicks and impressions. Campaign Impact adds depth and dimension to your data by capturing the sentiment of real stakeholders across reputational elements. So, you can spend time and money on the right campaigns that are changing the hearts and minds of real people, and not just pleasing algorithms.  

Analyze Campaign Performance 

The insights provided by this tool help you read campaign influence on reputation, whether that influence is positive or negative. Regardless of campaign awareness levels, you can now set KPIs and benchmarks for the optimal campaign to reputation performance pipeline.

Tracking Campaign Momentum 

Campaign Impact tracks campaign momentum, identifying trends and assessing how budgetary decisions affect campaign recall. This insight is vital for understanding how your message persists or fades in the public consciousness.  

Leveraging Advisory Expertise 

While Campaign Impact provides robust insights within the platform, our team of expert advisors will help you to understand the nuances, guide a strategy, and refine campaign touchpoints in your delivery sessions. They’ll help forge narratives that resonate and build enduring trust, aligning your campaigns with your broader reputation goals.  

Don't Chance a Campaign’s Impact 

What you put out into the world matters, and so does the world's response. With Campaign Impact, you have the power to shape campaigns that drive a stronger reputation for even better business. Don’t let bots and algorithms alone guide your campaign strategy, let RepTrak guide you with real data and actionable insights that reflect the true impact of your campaigns. 

Discover how Campaign Impact can transform your approach to campaign strategy and reputation management. Learn more and take control of your brand strategy today. 

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