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Stand Out From the Crowd to be Innovative

Corporate Reputation02 Mar, 2022

The Big Idea

Staying true to your company's core values does not need to compromise innovation. Gillette continues its commitment to quality and trust through the new built-in razor exfoliation technology, calling it a "game-changer." Amidst a pandemic-induced drop in US razor sales, Gillette's focus on function also came alongside a 5% increase in P&G's grooming division at the end of 2021. Innovating to your company's fullest potential means spotlighting your company's core values.

RepTrak Perspective

The Consumer Staples space (Food and Beverage, Consumer Durables, and Household Products) must turn their business values into innovative behavior. In the US, these industries teetered between strong and average Innovation Scores in 2021. Benchmarking core values against creative strategies can help surpass consumers' expectations.

Reputation Context

Why is this important?

As a unit, the Consumer Staples cohort is a strong reputation performer. In the U.S., the Food and Beverage, Consumer Durables, and Household Products industries held above-average Reputation Scores (+70) for all four quarters in 2021. Now, staying ahead of the curve and appealing to new customers means a commitment to Innovation.

  • In Q4 2021, of the 24 companies in the Consumer Staples cohort with above-average Innovation Scores, 22 of these companies also held strong Reputation Scores. 

  • Specifically in the Food and Beverage industry, Innovation is slowly manifesting across multiple generations. 

    • For Gen Z, "First to market" moved up ten positions from Q1 2021 to Q4 2021.  

    • Across Gen X, "Is an innovative company" ranks in the top ten most important Factors, moving up five ranks for people ages 44 – 64 from Q1 2021 to Q4 2021. 

What is the reputation connection?

Acting with a purpose can lead businesses to an innovative vision.

  • All the companies with more than 50% of advocates for the Brand Expressiveness measure "Stands out from the crowd" in the Consumer Staples cohort also had above-average Innovation Driver Scores in Q4 2021.

Convo Starters

What are some of your company’s core values that are critical to creating an innovative culture?

Are your stakeholders aware of your core values? If not, how can you communicate them?

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