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Stay Woke?: A look at corporate activism in 2021

Corporate Reputation29 Jul, 2021

The whole world is watching. Corporate activism has expanded from covert legislative efforts to broader, deliberate social and community initiatives – ranging from simple good intentions to internal employment and leadership developments to monetary donations.

But 2020 changed everything. When governments differed in their responses to social, environmental, and political conflict, attention turned to corporations to set the standard, responding and acting with purpose.

Corporate transparency and accountability are no longer a warm fuzzy, but an expectation and necessary action. Employer brand, purchase appeal, trust, willingness to recommend, and general reputation are all impacted by corporate behavior towards social, political, and environmental experiences.

As we say here at RepTrak, saying and doing the right thing is good for business.

Yet, too many flashy declarations have become empty promises, and the public has noticed. Consumer attitude towards corporate activism has grown more demanding and more cynical, and continues to evolve.

Here’s what our data is telling us.

Download the full report here.

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