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The ULTIMATE Reputation Guide

Blog Post21 Jan, 2022


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Your reputation encompasses how stakeholders feel, think, and act towards your company.

And whether or not you give a damn ‘bout your reputation, it already exists. Big or small, neglected or nurtured, the public develops a general opinion or judgment of your organization, how it operates, and what it offers.

Good or bad, reputation comes with its benefits and consequences.

good v bad reputation

We're in the business of reputation (we've been measuring and monitoring reputation for more than 20 years!). Just as reputation is shared, we’re happy to share our methodology with the world. We put all of our knowledge into our tool, and now, we share it with you – for use with or without our platform and advisory team.


Download the Guide to for insights into how to manage:

  • 7 Drivers of Reputation

  • ESG

  • Brand

  • Media

  • Reputation Leaders

  • Upcoming reputation trends

... along with insight from our internal reputation experts and handy purple tip boxes, providing guidance on immediate actions you could take to better manage your reputation.


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