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Business Outcomes

When reputation creates action

  • At RepTrak, we’re all about the think, feel, do of brand interactions.

    RepTrak’s Business Outcomes are the do – the actions stakeholders are willing to take when considering, supporting, and engaging with a company. Business Outcomes Scores are the big “so, what?” behind our Reputation Scores, providing insight into how reputation impacts stakeholder behavior.

  • Reputation Score and Business Outcomes share a distinct correlation:

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  • Meet RepTrak’s Business Outcomes

    RepTrak Business Outcomes are measured utilizing the same data tools and methodology as the rest of our corporate reputation insight suite. Keep tabs on your key stakeholders, monitor how you compare to competitors, and turn Detractors and Fence Sitters into passionate Ambassadors.


If I had the opportunity, I would buy the products/services of [Company X] When 63% of global consumers prefer to buy goods and services from companies that “stand for a purpose that reflects their values and beliefs” and will avoid those that do not, anything can interrupt the buying stage. Buying insights paired with our broader reputation monitoring suite can help you anticipate and adjust so you can boost revenue. Who doesn’t want higher sales?


Say something positive

I would say something positive about [Company X] People are talking… but is it good? This data can provide crucial insight into how stakeholders might behave on social media or how they might rate and leave reviews.

Recommend products and services

I would recommend the products/services of [Company X] Recommendations are the backbone of measuring product effectiveness. Utilize recommendation insight to determine who’s an advocate, who you’ve lost, and how to win them back.


Trust to do the right thing

If [Company X] was faced with a product or service problem, I would trust them to do the right thing Trust grants brands resilience against organic (and self-inflicted) fluctuations, building loyalty and optimism while strengthening brand identity. Implement Trust metrics to enhance enthusiasm and protection while avoiding betrayal amongst stakeholders.

Benefit of the doubt in a time of crisis

I would give the benefit of the doubt to [Company X] if the company was facing a crisis In the business world, crisis is not an if, it’s a when. Create a deeper understanding of your resilience and proactively bolster communications with this handy risk management tool.


Willingness to Work For

If I had the opportunity, I would work for [Company X] You’re not just trying to impress potential candidates, customers want to support good employers. This rise in employee empathy makes Willingness to Work For a powerful indicator of cross-departmental insight on consumer behavior and employer branding.


If I had the opportunity, I would invest in [Company X] Whether you’re private, publicly-traded, or VC-backed, knowing how your behavior inspires investment can make you the hit of any board meeting.