The Ultimate Reputation Guide

Give a damn 'bout your reputation


You have a reputation.

Whether or not you give a damn ‘bout your reputation, it already exists. Big or small, neglected or nurtured, the public develops a general opinion or judgment of your organization, how it operates, and what it offers. Your reputation encompasses how stakeholders feel, think, and act towards your company. Notice how we say “stakeholders” instead of “shareholders.” As business becomes more transparent, companies are no longer just responsible to its shareholders, but also to its stakeholders: employees, suppliers and distributors, the community, customers, and even broader society.


And businesses have taken notice: 79% of business leaders are at the mid-stage of discovering, activating, or expanding their understanding of reputation.

We’re in the business of reputation. Our advanced reputation tracking platform is always-on, constantly monitoring reputation data on more than 5,000 companies, worldwide. Our reputation database combines and analyzes millions of perception and sentiment data points from online surveys, media, and third-party sources, so users can confidently compare and understand their reputation within their industry and across geographies.

The Set List

Before your reputation management team starts concocting a plan for new press releases and social posts, there’s one thing you should know:

The Set List

Just as reputation is shared, we’re happy to share our methodology with the world. We put all of our knowledge into our tool, and now, we share it with you – for use with or without our platform and advisory team. "Give a damn about your reputation. Everyone else does."

You can not

Reputation does not belong to your C-suite or PR agency — it’s a shared commodity. So don’t be stingy with this information and don’t take on the burden solo.

Reputation is inherently intangible. It’s amorphous in nature, but universally recognized and accepted for its value. This only adds to its mystery, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible.

Reputation Management & Monitoring

We’ve been in the science of reputation for a long time. With our academic roots, this is how we’ve come to both understand and measure reputation:

  • 7 Drivers of Reputation

  • ESG

  • Brand

  • Media

  • The importance of Reputation leaders

  • Reputation trends we’re anticipating

We’ll break down each of these elements to help you build your understanding of your own corporate reputation. When you know where you are, you can confidently move in the right direction.

“Understanding your Reputation enables companies to embody the new maxim of stakeholder capitalism, and not the legacy approach of shareholder capitalism,” says Harry Foster, RepTrak SVP, Head of Advisory EMEA.

“Increasingly the former, encompassing the requirement to do the right thing, is a central tenet to being successful as a company.”

As we say here at RepTrak: doing and saying the right thing is good business.

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These factors provide the structure for RepTrak’s reputation monitoring platform, providing a Reputation Score on a scale of 0-100. While we always recommend the benefit of objective measurement and near real-time, data-informed insight RepTrak software provides, you can still use these factors to influence and better understand your own corporate reputation

Doing and saying the right thing is good business

-- The Reptrak motto