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    ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) is an evaluation of whether an organization is conducting business in an ethical manner. And its importance cannot be understated. It’s not just en vogue, it’s a new expectation for organizations to go beyond their business practices and acknowledge their broader impact and processes.

    It’s no longer about what you do, it’s about how you do it.

  • ESG has become a priority for the public and a powerful indicator in consumer behavior. RepTrak monitors and tracks ESG sentiment, rating it on a scale of 1-100. A low ESG score results in a 20% willingness to buy, while a high ESG score results in a 60% willingness.

  • Reputation

    ultimate-reputation-esg-icons (2)

    .86 statistical correlation (R²) between ESG scores and reputation

  • Purchase intent

    ultimate-reputation-esg-icons (1)

    .90 statistical correlation (R²) between ESG score and purchase intent

  • Talent Acquisition

    ultimate-reputation-esg-icons (3)

    .88 statistical correlation (R²) between ESG scores and talent acquisition

  • Investment

    ultimate-reputation-esg-icons (4)

    .88 statistical correlation (R²) between ESG scores and investment

  • Strong and positive correlation

  • Before you take too much pride in your recycling initiatives and one-time #BLM Instagram post, remember that perception is reality: RepTrak data reveals that more than 90% of companies studied saw that their ESG efforts did not match the public's perception of their ESG efforts. Have we mentioned the importance of communication yet?

    Utilize these factors to analyze your ESG efforts and perception:

  • Environmental

    • Reduces environmental footprint

    • Protects the environment

    • Responsibly uses natural resources

  • Social

    • Improves people's lives

    • Cares for its employees

    • Offers equal opportunities

  • Governance

    • Positive economic contribution

    • Ethical and fair business

    • Operations and supply chain transparency

  • We’ve compiled a handy ESG To Do list and ESG themes we recommend exploring.

  • ESG To Do List

    • Perform continuous, ongoing audits to determine if business and social practices are fair

    • Prepare an action plan for addressing major events as they arise

    • Determine which actions align with the nature of your business an its practices

    • Communicate new and cotinuous efforts and progress

    • Utilize tools like RepTrak's reputation monitoring platform to monitor and measure the impact of corporate activism efforts.

  • ESG Themes to Explore

    • Fair pay, benefits, and working coditions

      • including indepnedinet contractors

    • Diversity and leadership representation

    • LGBTQIA+ support and representation

    • Environmental impact

    • Carbon emissions, plastic reduction, green practices, etc.

    • Fair treatment on the basis of gender

    • Corporate transparency and accountability