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Communicators Wary Of Musk's Twitter Intentions

Media29 Apr, 2022

“The public most wants Twitter to have a positive influence on society, but at a [Reputation Score] of 46, it’s struggling.” — Kylie Wright-Ford, RepTrak CEO

During times of change, including the Twitter purchase, our first resource is our own global reputation database. In this piece for PRovoke Media, Kylie elaborates on this major event, and what RepTrak data indicates could happen:

"Tesla’s score, however, is substantially higher at 69.5. They’re getting credit for quality and meeting customer needs — there’s a gap there at Twitter,” Ford said. “If Musk’s leadership is guiding that as a strength at Tesla, that bodes well. He’s making a bet, or talking about it, anyway — about allowing editing on the platform because he claims users want it. This is perhaps an early indication of his approach to pushing customers’ needs forward.”

Read the full article here.

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