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From Ferrari to Pirelli and Ferrero, 7 Italian companies and brands among the top 100 in the world

RepTrak in the News04 Apr, 2023

There are seven Italian companies in the ranking of the 100 companies with the best global reputation compiled by The RepTrak Company. Lego, the historic Danish brick company, is confirmed in first place again this year, followed by Bosch and Rolls Royce. Among the Italians the first is Ferrari, which earns 13th place in the general classification , followed closely by Pirelli which is fifteenth and leads its sector . The Italian tire group is gaining several positions this year compared to previous years. Read the Full Article by Corriere della Sera featuring insights from the 2023 Global RepTrak® 100.

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Read the full report from the 2023 Global RepTrak® 100 here.

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