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Chase Cancels Kanye West, But Should Banks Engage in Culture Wars?

RepTrak in the News31 Oct, 2022

Corporate reputation is a game of consistency. As brands break their relationships with Kanye West, RepTrak's Chief Customer Officer Bradley Hecht has some advice, as featured in an article by The Financial Brand: "If a bank does feel compelled to make a public stand on an issue, they should be 'very deliberate and consistent' with a very clear message that aligns with their history, says Hecht. 'If not, it ends up looking like you’re targeting a profile of a person,' he states. 'And you open yourself up to the perception that you’re inconsistent.'” Knowing exactly when and how to respond towards any controversy or risk... it's why we're so passionate about providing objective corporate reputation metrics and insights, so it's no longer a guessing game.

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