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RepTrak and Onclusive Partner to Advance the State of the Art

Press Releases22 Oct, 2020

San Francisco, October 22, 2020 – The RepTrak Company, the world’s leading reputation data and insights company, and Onclusive, the data science company for communications, today announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to combine RepTrak proprietary reputation metrics with Onclusive AI-powered media analytics. The partnership is designed to help companies take control of their reputation and public relations priorities by bringing together two of the most important data sets for the modern communicator.

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The value of a strong reputation has never been more vital. In the post-COVID world what companies say and do when times are challenging has a profound effect on how they are viewed by customers, employees, the community, and shareholders. The pandemic, executive missteps, and civil unrest have left companies scurrying to get the right systems in place to better understand the cumulative impact of the media and how people are reacting to it.

Long recognized as the global standard in corporate reputation measurement, The RepTrak Company is partnering with leading media analytics firm, Onclusive, to help companies take control of their reputation and communication priorities.

Both firms use vast databases that are updated continuously to assess corporate reputation and related media trends on behalf of the world’s largest corporations. With this partnership, RepTrak will receive real-time media data and analytics from Onclusive to help clients detect significant, timely changes to the market landscape. Each company aims to provide their customers with a more holistic reputation and media analytics solution to meet the moment.

Since 2004, RepTrak has quantified corporate reputation using a proprietary algorithm that assesses the seven key drivers of reputation. RepTrak continuously measures and monitors clients’ reputation, ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance), and brand metrics against competitors and industry to uncover reputational opportunities and risks.

While typically a board-level priority, functional responsibility for the communications strategy and reputation management is generally led by the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) and managed by the Corporate Communications Department. Due to their extensive work supporting CCOs, RepTrak and Onclusive decided to bring their two systems together to power even more insights and leading indicators for their clients. By linking their data and insights, RepTrak and Onclusive ‘close the loop’ to identify what matters most and what to do next across communication channels.

Kylie Wright-Ford, CEO of RepTrak, stated, “I am pleased that our partnership with Onclusive will give our clients an even more proactive way to activate their reputation management efforts by using the RepTrak Platform to prioritize and diagnose opportunities and threats, then drill into the details of their media presence to take action. The media and cultural environments are very dynamic right now, so companies need to have a complete set of accurate data to make the right decisions.”

“Our clients are managing corporate communications across numerous issues, but corporate reputation is foremost for many of them,” said Dan Beltramo, CEO of Onclusive. He added, “Our data, in combination with RepTrak’s, gives Communications teams a clear objective against which to optimize.  It also gives them an important, new way to quantify the value of their efforts in an area of utmost importance to companies.”


To learn more about RepTrak or its partnership with Onclusive, contact Mark Haseltine at 617-758-0955 or email [email protected].

To learn more about Onclusive or its partnership with RepTrak, contact Sean O’Neal at 415-906-5938 or email [email protected].

About The RepTrak Company

The RepTrak Company™ is the world’s leading reputation data and insights company. We provide the only global platform for data-driven insights on Reputation, Brand, and ESG.

Our proprietary RepTrak® model is the global standard for measuring and analyzing the sentiment of the world using proven data science models and machine learning techniques across industries and geographies.  Subscribers to the RepTrak Program use our predictive insights to protect their business value, improve their return on investment, and increase their positive impact on society.

Established in 2004, The RepTrak Company owns the world’s largest reputation benchmarking database with over 1 million company ratings collected per year and used by CEOs, boards, and executives in more than 60 countries worldwide.

For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

About Onclusive

Onclusive is the data science company for communications. The inventors of PR Attribution™ and Power of Voice™, Onclusive measures the true impact that content is having on a company’s bottom line. The Onclusive platform is built upon a proprietary newscrawler which analyzes millions of earned, owned, and newswire articles every day globally and in over 100 languages, organizing each piece of content based on dozens of dimensions for aggregate and entity-level analysis.

The world’s leading brands and agencies including Airbnb, H&R Block, Lyft, Intercontinental Hotels Group, 23andMe, and Experian use Onclusive to modernize communications. For more information, visit and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

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