The RepTrak Company Certified as a Most Loved Workplace

The RepTrak Company Certified as a Most Loved Workplace

Press Releases29 Apr, 2024

Most Loved Workplaces employees are happiest and most satisfied at work 

NEW YORK  April 29, 2024 – The RepTrak™ Company has become certified as a Most Loved Workplace® backed by the research and analysis of the Best Practice Institute (BPI). Most Loved Workplace® validation provides the most comprehensive look at workplace sentiment for organizations today.   

"I am thrilled to announce our certification as a Most Loved Workplace®,” says CEO Mark Sonders. “At RepTrak, we specialize in helping companies prioritize integrity, transparency, and ethical practices to build and maintain strong reputations. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to practicing what we preach, both externally with our clients and internally with our employees. We believe that a positive workplace culture is not only essential for employee well-being, but directly impacts our ability to deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients.     This recognition underscores our motto: saying and doing the right thing is good business. Fostering a workplace culture of trust, respect, and inclusion is not just the right thing to do — it's good business. We are honored to be certified as a Most Loved Workplace and remain dedicated to upholding these values as we continue to grow and succeed as a company."  

The RepTrak Company has been certified as a certified Most Loved Workplace® because they know the power that employees have on building a strong corporate reputation. Employees are stakeholders too. And at RepTrak, they know that taking care of employees makes for a better business world and strong corporate reputations.  

Most Loved Workplaces® certify companies where employees are the happiest and most satisfied at work. The RepTrak Company became certified as a Most Loved Workplace based on its scores on the Love of Workplace Index™ which surveyed employees on various elements around employee satisfaction and sentiment including the level of respect, collaboration, support, and sense of belonging they feel inside the company.  

"I started Most Loved Workplaces out of inspiration from my community of people who consciously place love for their employees at the center of their business model," said Louis Carter, the founder, and CEO of BPI and a social/organizational psychologist, thought leader, entrepreneur, and author. Carter's book, "In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace," identifies the specific areas needed to become a highly respected, reputable organization where people love to work with each other – a Most Loved Workplace. 

Backed by BPI, in its original research that created MLW criteria, Most Loved Workplaces surveyed more than 175 companies and more than 3,000 executives across the United States, the Middle East/Northern Africa, and Southeast Asia. They found that productivity rises as employee sentiment increases, with 94 percent of responders saying they did three to four times more work for a company they loved and 95 percent saying they stayed at companies they loved three to four times longer. Most Loved Workplaces certification is the most valid method to determine employee experience and recognize a great workplace. 

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About RepTrak  

The RepTrak™ Company is the world's leading reputation data and insights company. We help companies by organizing and grading a variety of reputational elements, offering a real-world report card on their corporate reputation. Subscribers to the RepTrak program use our predictive insights to protect business value, improve return on investment, and increase their positive impact on society. RepTrak’s pairing of advanced metrics and dedicated reputation advisors offers clients an actionable analysis of their reputation data, aligning business objectives with stakeholder sentiment across different markets and sectors.  

Established in 2004, The RepTrak Company owns the world’s largest reputation benchmarking database, gathering over 1 million company ratings per year used by CEOs, boards, and executives in more than 60 countries worldwide.     If you’re ready to work with RepTrak, please visit our careers page or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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