Advanced Stakeholders Solution

Reach beyond the informed general public

For the new era of stakeholder capitalism

A deliberate, thoughtful approach to managing your stakeholders is crucial to driving innovation, business growth, shareholder value, customer loyalty, and employee engagement RepTrak’s Advanced Stakeholders solution delivers timely reputation-driven insights about the key stakeholder groups you care about most. We provide the insights you need to make engagement decisions based on a more comprehensive picture of your reputational health, risks, and opportunities.


Save Time

Spend less time analyzing data from different sources, and more time taking action. With fresh insight into what your key stakeholder groups are thinking and feeling, you'll be able to make smarter decisions much faster than before.


Build Relationships

Plan for success by taking control over your stakeholder relationships before a crisis occurs. Not only will this help maintain a solid relationship with stakeholders, but it also creates an opportunity to be proactive about expectations and needs.


Monitor Trends

Follow trends of stakeholder sentiment over time. This information can help you determine when they began to change, why they started to change, and what effects it may have on your company.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Develop a dynamic understanding of your priority stakeholders against competitors, allowing your team to implement better strategies in response to their strengths and weaknesses.


How does it work?

Simply partner with us to reach out to your target audiences, and RepTrak will handle the rest. RepTrak can measure your company’s reputation across your customers, employees, investors, communities, influencers, regulators, and any other stakeholder group you manage.

  • You define your business goals and provide us with a list of the stakeholders you want to measure

  • We design the RepTrak study, providing you with a survey link and email template

  • You send out the survey link and email invitation based on the contact information you have

  • We capture, analyze, and identify your key insights based on the responses we collect