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RepTrak API

Unlock the power of your reputation data

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Custom reporting that works for you

What is RepTrak’s API?

Great question! Reptrak’s API is direct access to your reputation insights. Our API connects your data straight to the tools you use everyday without having to manually collect it. Access our developer quick start guide here.

With our API, you can:

  • Create your own custom visualizations

  • Pull reputation data into your internal systems

  • Compare data between different sources

Why do you need Reptrak’s API?

Though RepTrak offers a robust set of reporting, all company needs are unique! With our API your team can create custom reporting according to your goals. Your data automatically feeds into the software you use daily, so you're always up-to-date with new information as it becomes available on RepTrak's platform.




Easily measure KPIs, stakeholder perceptions, and engagement with automated reporting.



Filter the information sent to your reporting tools, so you can track what matters most.



Bring together data from multiple sources to create a cohesive reporting experience.



Create greater collaboration within your organization by exchanging relevant data easily and securely.

RepTrak’s API can be integrated with industry-leading reporting systems, including:

Power BI
City of Hope

Reptrak API is a great way to operationalize the data pipeline and subsequent analytics. First of all we observed that its very well designed platform, with easy to use authorization process, as well as, API endpoints. During the implementation we observed that documentation was very well detailed, and made things easier. We have benefitted a lot with API in our pursuit to bring data into marketing analytics data warehouse in a scalable and automated way.” - City of Hope