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RepTrak Products

Here, you can find right blend of RepTrak products to best fit your reputation needs.

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REPTRAK PLATFORM The RepTrak Platform is the foundation of understanding the broad scope your reputation has. It holds the essential building blocks you need to monitor and develop your corporate reputation. The RepTrak Platform is the world’s leading cloud-based corporate reputation intelligence platform. By actually measuring how stakeholders feel, think, and act towards your company, the platform is your hub for trusted reputation data. But it won’t just measure reputation, the RepTrak Platform provides you with ongoing performance insights on Brand, ESG, and Media (just to name a few).

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REPTRAK API Your data, your way. With our API, RepTrak platform data automatically feeds into the software you use daily, so you're always up-to-date with new information as it becomes available. Not to mention it makes sharing those fresh reputational insights with the whole company a piece of cake.

Reputation Upgrades
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When you’re hungry for even more data and want to dig even deeper into your audience’s needs, consider Reputation Upgrades.

Reputation Upgrades provide additional data points to RepTrak’s already robust platform. With expanded reporting capabilities, reputation tracking can be as specific or broad as you’d like. Whether your team needs to track additional countries, stakeholders, benchmarks, or find more answers with tailored questions, our team can bring your desired analytics to new depths. Choose one, mix and match, or purchase the entire upgrade suite.

Advanced Solutions

Turn analysis into action.

Advanced Solutions are strategic tools clients can utilize to attain new data combined with strategic workshops. Our in-house reputation experts will identify specific opportunities and challenges and offer tailored recommendations—beyond our core RepTrak advising.


Advanced Stakeholder Solution

RepTrak's Advanced Stakeholders Solution delivers timely insights about the key stakeholder groups you care most about, including: customers, employees, investors, communities, influencers, regulators, and any other stakeholder group you manage.


ESG Premium Analysis

Through a sophisticated and comprehensive analysis of each area of ESG, we’ll explore your Environmental, Social, and Governance performance and how it relates to your Business Outcomes — like your stakeholders' willingness to give Benefit of the Doubt, Trust, Work for, or Invest.


North Star

Compare your reputation metrics against the most reputable companies in the world. Look at top-ranked organizations indexes or define your own group of companies to index against.


Advanced Driver Analysis

Meet stakeholder expectations with precision. RepTrak's Advanced Driver Analysis proactively identifies specific challenges to your reputation, applying deeper insights that can inform an improved communications strategy.