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RepTrak Reputation Platform

Elevate the effectiveness of your corporate communications to drive business outcomes with our complete, end-to-end reputation intelligence platform.

The RepTrak Platform is the world’s leading cloud-based corporate reputation intelligence platform providing trusted data and insights about your company’s corporate reputation and other intangible assets by measuring how stakeholders feel, think, and act towards your company. The RepTrak Platform provides you and your team with ongoing performance data on how stakeholders evaluate your company when it comes to your corporate reputation, brand, and ESG using online surveys and the media.

RepTrak measures corporate reputation in near real time.

The RepTrak Platform draws on the world’s largest reputation database with over 20 years of data and analyzes stakeholder perception to provide insight on how your stakeholders think and feel about you.

Spend time where it matters. Eliminate communication breakdowns. Focus on results, not activities.

By combining the latest in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and human expertise, the RepTrak Platform provides rich, multi-dimensional intelligence to our clients.

Thanks to the largest reputation intelligence database in the world, our algorithms get smarter over time. The RepTrak Platform is used by Communications, Marketing, Sustainability, HR, Risk, and Legal Teams, as well as the C-Suite and Boards of the world’s leading organizations.

Use RepTrak insights to:

Insight 1

Improve customer, employee, and investor prospects

Insight 2

Create targeted, informed communications strategies

Insight 3

Anticipate and respond to technological, societal, and regulatory trends

The RepTrak Platform helps you and your organization:

Make engagement decisions based on a holistic view of reputational health, risks, and opportunities - all backed by data

  • Know where to invest your time and resources without any guesswork

  • Identify and clear out emerging risks before they take over

Elevate the effectiveness of your corporate communications

  • Bring an “outside-in” perspective back into your organization

  • Translate business insights into breakthrough, market-leading communication strategies

Accelerate performance improvement

  • Tailor your messaging by audience, geography, and channel

  • Align teams to scale your goals globally


The RepTrak database combines and analyzes millions of perception and sentiment data points from online surveys, the media, and third-party sources, so you can confidently compare your company within your industry and across geographies.


Data points







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RepTrak Brand

Brand is developed from the inside out

In addition to primary Reputation Scores, RepTrak also provides Brand Scores to measure how your company’s brand influences and enhances your corporate reputation.

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RepTrak ESG

Stop the ESG guessing game

RepTrak monitors ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) Scores to measure the impact of social and environmental intitiatives, so you can stop wondering if your ESG efforts are working.