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Your brand and reputation are incredibly valuable, but they aren’t the same thing.

While your brand is the promise your company makes to its stakeholders, your reputation reflects how your company lives up that promise.

The RepTrak Platform’s Brand Intelligence can support you in improving alignment between your brand and reputation as stakeholder expectations evolve.

So RepTrak provides Brand Scores in addition to its Reputation Scores, measuring how your audience thinks and feels about your brand. Your brand can help enhance your reputation, but a poor reputation can infect a brand.


Brand is the promise you make; your reputation depends on whether or not you keep that promise.

Mark Sonders, RepTrak CEO

Brand is developed from the inside out; reputation from the outside in


The unique promise a company crafts and makes to it stakeholders


The degree to which a company fulfills its promise in the eyes of its stakeholders

Brand Score

Sep 2021

Informed General Public



2.1 Since Aug 2021

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  • How stakeholders evaluate your corporate brand

  • How your corporate brand compares against your competitors

  • How well you communicate out regarding your corporate brand

  • What brand personality traits are most associated with your corporate brand

  • What brand personality traits make your organization unique

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