Reputation Upgrades

When you’re hungry for even more data and want to dig even deeper into your audience’s needs, consider Reputation Upgrades.


RepTrak sports the world’s largest, most comprehensive Corporate Reputation database on a global basis, so we have plenty to share. These Upgrades allow you to hyper focus on components of your reputation to enhance your current package and collect even more insight. Gain the edge, minimize risk, report with maximum precision, and develop informed strategies. If less is good, more is better. Reputation Upgrades are MORE, MORE, MORE.

Use Reputation Upgrades to:


Develop MORE specific reporting (or market insights) relevant across your entire organization.


Stay ahead of the competition with MORE amplified views of industry trends—and threats.


Avoid MORE frivolous spending on things like disconnected external agencies.


MORE confidently navigate where you should invest energy, time, and money


Multi-Country When your organization is global, sometimes you need global reputation insights. Multi-Country Upgrades provide insights into global market trends in over 60 countries. Expand your company’s reach, find hidden market opportunities, potential risks, competitive threats, industry trends, and emerging customer needs from different cultural perspectives.


Additional Benchmarks Keep your allies close, and your competitors closer. In a stakeholder economy, you want to know how you compare to industry leaders. Whether you’re tracking a direct competitor or an aspirational company, Additional Benchmarks Upgrades gives you the data to identify relative strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity. This knowledge helps organizations communicate more precisely, differentiate their business, and gain a competitive advantage in navigating challenges impacting the entire market.


Additional Stakeholders Take a look from the outside-in. Additional Stakeholders Upgrades allow you to target specific stakeholder groups, empowering informed campaign spending and communications strategies. Following these stakeholder sentiment trends helps pinpoint when they begin to change, why they start to change, and what effects they may have on your company--and your reputation.


Additional Questions Don’t make assumptions, get in the know. Online surveys play an integral role in RepTrak's reputation monitoring process, but for those on a quest for knowledge, Additional Questions Upgrades allow you to go beyond our standard questionnaire. This Upgrade allows clients to add up to five additional questions, creating deeper, unique insight while maintaining the integrity of the research. Get the answers you need and track changes over time.

Each organization faces unique challenges as markets expand and the competition heats up, so the importance of differentiating yourself has never been greater. Whether you're trying to break into new markets or you’re diving deeper into public perceptions, Reputation Upgrades give you the advantage you need.