Why Reputation Intelligence is the new CCO imperative

CCOs and communications leaders are under growing pressure to prove their programs are delivering business value. As customer perception takes the front seat in determining a brand’s value, reputation intelligence has become a must for leading companies.

Identify your business’s strengths and areas for improvement

RepTrak enables you to understand how each of the seven drivers of the RepTrak Score affect your business and provides insights into areas for improvement.

Reputation Intelligence helps CCOs, communications leaders and the C-suite drive outcomes

Exceptional brand reputations are built on your company’s ability to measure and improve your customer perceptions, and it starts with acquiring deep reputation intelligence. When leveraged over time, this intelligence enables communications leaders and the C-suite to prioritize and improve joint action plans. When you act as one, you benefit your customers, stakeholders, employees, and the larger community:

Reputation Drives Corporate Value

Higher Stock Price

Companies with high RepTrak Scores outperform companies with lower scores.

Reputation Elevates Growth

Greater Sales and Advocacy

A 5-point increase in RepTrak Score increases the propensity to buy and recommend by 6%.

Reputation Inspires Talent

Better Employee Candidates

66% of the general populace is willing to work for a company with an excellent RepTrak Score.

Reputation Mitigates Corporate Risk

More Trust

Companies with an excellent RepTrak Score are 3.2x more likely to be trusted to adequately handle a crisis than those with an average one.

How Reputation Drives Performance


  • Products & Services
  • Innovation
  • Workplace
  • Governance
  • Citezenship
  • Leadership
  • Performance


  • Purchase
  • Recommend
  • Crisis Proof
  • Verbal Support
  • Invest
  • Work


  • Revenue / Market Share
  • Loyalty
  • Profitability
  • MQL / SQL
  • ARPU / ROI
  • Market Value
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