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Blog Post21 Feb, 2022

Remaining competitive, growing, and maximizing your impact is critical in your reputation journey. You look at best practices in your industry, stay proactive and vocal in your communications and make data-driven decisions to keep growth at the heart of your strategy.

  • What’s next?

  • How do you set ambitious and relevant targets to close the gaps or increase your competitive advantage?

  • What are best-in-class companies doing and what does it take to build a strong, distinctive brand?

Set your goals for success

Compare your reputation metrics against the most reputable companies in the world, looking at top-ranked organizations indexes - or define your own group of companies to index against.

Our solution

The North Star solution gives you access to the best-performing companies' indexes, in the RepTrak platform, to explore where they over-perform and how to close the gap. Get continuous access to our gold standard reputation metrics on reputation, ESG, and brand, looking at monthly trends along with your own reputation data, to set your stretch goal, uncover the most aspirational brands' strengths, and monitor how you perform against them.

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