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When the stakes are high, reputation can make the difference

  • We don’t need to explain the importance of data to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, & Life Science fields. Data drives your solutions and organizations, your corporate reputation should be no exception.

    When brand trackers are a dime a dozen, RepTrak provides insight into what stakeholders, physicians, regulators, patients, and communities are thinking, feeling, and doing when interacting with your brand – making reputation not just tangible asset, but possibly the key differentiator between you and your competitors, especially when expanding the market outside of current public perception. Skip the “news sources,” let’s go straight to the source and build trust and credibility you can measure.


Meet product quality expectations


Advocate ethicality

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Build Trust


Anticipate financial health

Global market? Global solutions.

An international reach requires international insights, especially when regulation, access, and culture vary widely from country to country. RepTrak offers reputation monitoring on a global basis in near-real-time, hover your mouse to see how Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, & Life Science Reputation Scores are faring right now (additional countries available). Our international Advisory team brings this same data to life for your unique organization and industry. These reputation experts provide strategic, powerful perspective and guidance to improve and protect your corporate reputation – in 20+ languages.

Country: United States of America Score: 68.5 Country: Greenland Score: 85.3 Country: Mexico Score: 76.5 Country: Brazil Score: 75 Country: France Score: 69.2 Country: India Score: 64.4 Country: Poland Score: 63.7 Country: Romania Score: 58.6 Country: Germany Score: 70.9 Country: Greece Score: 68.2 Country: Turkey Score: 73.4 Country: Switzerland Score: 62.5 Country: Belgium Score: 71.5 Country: Spain Score: 74 Country: Australia Score: 75.4 Country: China Score: 70.8 Country: Italy Score: 70.6 Country: Denmark Score: 85.3 Country: The United Kingdom Score: 72.3 Country: Japan Score: 79.1
Hong Kong62.8
The United Kingdom72.3
United States of America68.5
  • Tap into the world’s largest corporate reputation database

    RepTrak’s reputation monitoring suite is rooted in its Reputation Scores.

    Through a combination of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), our reputation intelligence platform combines and analyzes millions of perception and sentiment data points from online surveys, mainstream media, social media, business data, and additional third party sources. Established in academic rigor, consider it "always-there," unbiased, ongoing, near-real-time reputation intelligence that never ends.

    Corporate reputation is determined using RepTrak’s Reputation Score — a score from 0-100 that measures how people think, feel, and act towards a particular company. These objective metrics provide unparalleled insight including:

  • Benefit of the Doubt Wheel
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From the vaccine boosters to Monkeypox, pharma reputation has been fluctuating. Read our Pharma reports for more insights and a taste of RepTrak data.


2021 Pharma Report


2022 Pharma Update Report

Build trust and credibility

Trust is so important, we measure it more than once. As the ebb and flow of the pandemic flowed into the New Normal, trust only became more complex for the industry.

RepTrak’s reputation monitoring tool provides crucial, objective trust metrics. These actionable insights inform real strategy so you can build lasting relationships with stakeholders, physicians, regulators, and, most importantly, patients.

Product quality and ethicality

In the pharmaceutical space, “product quality” takes on new meaning. RepTrak’s Reputation Drivers encompass what stakeholders typically consider when formulating reputation, including Products & Services, Leadership, Performance, and more.

Meanwhile, RepTrak’s ESG metrics monitor Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts, measuring the distinct impact of ethical efforts.

When ESG and Reputation are 86% correlated, RepTrak’s expansive database provides a strategic advantage for a balanced approach to fueling growth, attracting top talent, forging partnerships, and, ultimately, fostering patient loyalty.

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Unlock the secrets of stakeholder behavior

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Boost employer branding, sales prospects, and customer loyalty

Reputation isn’t just who you are, it’s what you do. RepTrak’s Reputation Scores calculate public sentiment towards your organization. RepTrak’s Business Outcome Scores measure the actions stakeholders are willing to take when interacting with your organizations. No team stands alone in reputation. These metrics stretch across departments, providing metrics and insights so every department knows what they’re doing right, where they’re coming up short, where to celebrate, and where to correct the course. Turn adamant Detractors and hesitant Fence-Sitters into passionate Ambassadors.

Expert support, ready whenever you are

With millions of reputation data points, RepTrak’s expert Advisors help you make sense of RepTrak data and how it relates to the ever-evolving landscape of public opinion, regulatory challenges, and stakeholder expectations. RepTrak Advisors support informed strategy so you can put RepTrak insights into practice on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

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We’ll focus on reputation, so you can focus on innovating.