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RepTrak Media Intelligence

News travels fast. RepTrak’s Media Scores help you keep yourself up to date and respond appropriately.

By automatically filtering out the noise and classifying your media coverage, RepTrak’s Media Intelligence helps you make sense of your media coverage. Know what areas to focus your attention on to build trust and support across your key stakeholders and drive business results. This unique feature is designed to help you sort through which media content is changing hearts and minds, and what your reputation is resilient against.

Media Score

Sep 2021

Total Media Volume 14,714



2.1 Since Aug 2021

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The RepTrak Platform analyzes information from mainstream media and social media sources to measure the true impact your earned media has on key areas of your business, like your products and services, workplace, and leadership (along with the other 4 reputation drivers), by combining opinion and media sentiment data.

  • Determine what media coverage actually impacts your business and what doesn’t

  • Measure the return on your earned media

  • Anticipate shifts in opinion and behavior with early warning signals

  • Track how media coverage directly impacts your broader reputation

  • Receive thorough coverage via millions of reputation perception and sentiment data points from online surveys, media coverage, and third-party sources

  • Improve coverage and insights over time through RepTrak’s AI/machine learning, where algorithms get smarter over time

A deeper media analysis


of cases show Media Reputation Scores are a leading indicator to the direction of the perception Reputation Scores in the following 1-3 months.

RepTrak Media Scores track the direct impact of the latest headlines and social media chatter on your reputation.

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