The RepTrak difference: why existing solutions fall short

Without a comprehensive system for measuring and tracking changes in corporate reputation over time, solutions fail to provide actionable insights.

Existing solutions fail to provide valuable insights due to:

  • Data that considers only one aspect of your business

  • Inconsistent analyses over time

  • Transactional relationships depending on compensation

RepTrak’s Business is Understanding Your Business

1 Million Data Points Collected Each Year

RepTrak is the foremost and most trusted source for reputation intelligence data

360-Degree View of Your Business

RepTrak collects detailed information about customer perceptions tied to business outcomes

200+ Reputation Experts

RepTrak is a comprehensive, one-stop shop with technology and services to fortify long-term, strategic partnerships

Measure the customer perceptions that influence your corporate success

Your RepTrak Score is built from continuous tracking of customer and media sentiment along the dimensions of interest to your business. Stakeholders ranging from customers to employees, investors, policymakers, regulators or the general public can be assessed depending on your needs. We use familiarity and emotional connection with your company to determine the stakeholders’ conviction about your company and derive a reliable measure of perceptions of your company.

  • Surveys conducted using panels of stakeholders
  • Segment respondents using demographics and psychographic data
  • Benchmark reputation across multiple stakeholders
  • Effective for B2C and B2B companies.

RepTrak enables you to build corporate reputation intelligence


What drives perceptions about your company? How does your company compare to the industry and competitors?


How do you leverage perceptions to drive business outcomes?


How can you embed reputation into company strategy and execution?

RepTrak: reputation expertise you can trust, measuring over 5,000 companies in more than 60 countries

> 1M

Unlock access to over 1 million reputation data points a year

> 200

Tap into a team of >200 global perception experts


Receive expert, in-depth analysis on 23 different industries


Based on 20 years of experience

> 60

Countries measured


Join a global network of leading Fortune 1,000+ B2B and B2C companies spanning all industries

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