Moving the dial to its optimal position is all about acquiring and actioning the right insights

RepTrak provides CCOs and communications leaders with the real-time reputation data and benchmarks needed to identify areas of improvement and predict customer behavior.

Wish your campaign dollars were actually changing perceptions?

It’s hard to win or keep new customers when your RepTrak Score is below where it needs to be. Prove you can turn it around – to yourself, to your team, to your agency, to your C-level peers, and to your board.

Brand persona association

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

Want to know if your performance is industry- or company-specific?

Don’t guess. Benchmark against your industry and competitors.

Industry reputation

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

Start measuring your performance

How much business impact are you getting from your reputation vs. competitors?

Focus your budget on areas where an improvement in perceptions would most benefit the company.

Business impact

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

Which regions require your undivided attention?

Perceptions are fluid. Know before you spend.

Reputation by country

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

Overcommunicating or saying just enough?

Don’t think, don’t guess – especially when suffering from volatile market conditions. Know what’s behind the scepticism – and what actions will pull you through.

Levels of brand expressiveness

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

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Not sure how well your ESG strategy and investments are paying off?

Measure the return of your hard-earned efforts. Elevate where it matters.

Environmental impact

“Our new recycling program is elevating our image.”

Social performance

“Our after school program is turning heads for our business.”

Governance standard

“Our corporate transparency stance has gained us more job applicants.”

Your employees praise you, but the market doesn’t?

Pick your causes wisely, communicate their value more consistently and effectively.

Social performance scores

The RepTrak Company proprietary data

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