Reputation intelligence opens the door to actionable insights

Companies must express their purpose through strategies and communications that add value to their brands. More than just Ad Value Equivalency or brand awareness, RepTrak powers reputation intelligence that enables communications leaders to measure the effectiveness of programs over time and develop strategies around business outcomes.

Brand reputation influences the actions of customers

  • Buy your products & services
  • Recommend your products & services
  • Say something positive about your company
  • Work for your company
  • Invest in your company

Leverage real time perception data to increase your Reputation intelligence

Communications leaders are under constant pressure to impact business outcomes.

Reputation intelligence is the institutional skill to measure customer perceptions and transform that information into key actions.

Communications leaders leverage reputation intelligence to drive outcomes such as stock price, buying, investing, partnerships and more.

How reputation drives business outcomes

What do your customers think
about your company?

How do your customers feel
about your company?

What actions do your customers
want to take?


  • Products & Services
  • Innovation
  • Workplace
  • Governance
  • Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Performance


  • Purchase
  • Recommend
  • Crisis Proof
  • Verbal Support
  • Invest
  • Work

RepTrak measures 7 drivers to derive the RepTrak Score, a measure of how perceptions and emotional commitment of your customers will affect business outcomes.

RepTrak for CCOs and Communications Leaders

RepTrak is the only software platform which provides a 360-degree view of your dynamic brand reputation landscape — unique to your company — by surrounding your CCO and communications leaders with the insights that matter. It provides a holistic, all-in-one dashboard that allows leaders to measure, monitor, and manage the way your company is perceived.

As a management team, everyone will be able to answer several key questions:

  • How do customers perceive our company?
  • How does our company’s reputation compare with the market, industry, and our competitors?
  • What results do our activities yield and how can we optimize them?
  • What opportunities can we unlock? What risks can we mitigate?
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