Communications leaders must leverage customer perceptions as the essential metric for business success

A complex business environment, an increased uncertainty, and a need for greater transparency have raised the demands placed on communications leaders, the ones who are tasked with protecting and building up their companies’ brands within a climate in which they have less control. Communications leaders and the C-suite need a way to deliver and demonstrate the business impact they bring to their company at all levels – in a way that establishes their authority and doesn’t add complexity.

Reputation defines company value

Intangible value is critical to the valuation of businesses today:


of market value

Evolution of market value 1975-2015

Source: Ocean Tomo Intangible Asset Market Value Study, 2017

Reputation Intelligence benefits the CCO, communications leaders, and the C-suite

RepTrak’s real-time perception data creates a common view that the CCO, communications leaders and the C-suite use to plan and run corporate strategy.

For the Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

With RepTrak, you will take the guesswork out of measuring stakeholder and media perception. You will be able to access your EGR efforts and improve where it matters most.

  • Empower yourself and your team to closely align corporate reputation and brand perception, and close the gap between strategic planning and execution
  • Elevate your communications game by translating business insights into breakthrough, market-leading communication strategies
  • Accelerate performance improvement by knowing exactly how and where to invest your time and resources, without the guesswork
  • Identify and wipe out emerging risks before they take hold of your narrative

For the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Gain unprecedented levels of insights from all key customer and prospect segments - across product and solution perception and advocacy, across age groups, and geographies
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors, understand what moves the needle for their customers
  • Understand if and how your dollars are working to improve your brand attributes
  • Use objective market data to solidify your campaign investment ROI

For the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Understand how leadership is perceived among your key stakeholders
  • Identify priority strategies in order to communicate to them more effectively
  • Improve your corporate perception as a market leader
  • Improve investor perceptions and relations

For the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

  • Drive innovation programs focused on market and customer centricity
  • Gain insights from competitive activity to make every new program excel
  • Enable your CCO and their team to become your market megaphone so you and your team can earn the recognition you deserve

For the Chief People Officer (CPO)

  • Augment your employee insights and programs with market perception across regions to improve your employee retention
  • Pinpoint additional core drivers for recruiting the best talent
  • Enable your CCO and their team to become a better megaphone for all the great work you are doing taking care of a global workforce
  • Win more awards and increased market recognition

For the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Understand and measure the impact of corporate reputation on your company’s performance
  • Identify the drivers that can improve performance
  • Support market and program investments where they will have the biggest impact
  • Speak the same language as your CCO or CMO
  • Turn your budget planning process into a shared, collaborative and highly anticipated initiative

Today, exceptional corporate reputation is critical to the valuation of your business. Leverage your corporate reputation to help you excel.

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